Tropical Island Resort – Worlds largest indoor beach

By Narendra V



Tropical Island Resort is a theme park located in an airfield nearly 60 km from Berlin, Germany. The resort was built in former airship hangar, which is the largest free standing hall in the world.

The hangar is 360m long, 210m wide and 107m in height. The entire hall stands without pillars in the middle.


Brand-Briesen Airfield was built during German_luxury_resort_3World War 2, after that it went in to the control of Soviet Army, after unification of Germany the airfield came under control of Germany.

In 1992 a company called CargoLifter AG bought the airfield to build airships. For that purpose they built this hangar.

After completion it became one of the largest buildings in the world by volume. It’s named as Aerium. But in 2002 the company became bankrupt.

Theme park

In 2003 a Malaysian corporation called Tanjong bought the hangar for building a tropical theme park. The park opened in 2004 December for public. Inside the hangar the temperature is maintained at 26C and humidity at 64% irrespective of outside climate, even in subzero winters also.

The park has several themed areas like tropical village where buildings look similar to Bali, Thailand villages, Rainforest area has more than 50,000 plants, Tropical sea is a pool measuring 40,000 sq ft having corals and Bali Lagoon which has fountains, canal and slides.

In further development they added children’s play area, sauna and spa, a lodge for night stay. The park can accommodate 6000 visitors a day and has a staff of 500 people. It’s open 24 hours a day throughout the year.

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