Transit Elevated Bus – World’s first bus that travels over the traffic

By Narendra V


To combat ever increasing traffic in the cities all over the world a Chinese company has come up with an innovative idea that is Transit Elevated Bus (TEB in short) which stands 2 m above traffic allowing cars to pass underneath it.

It is in testing phase in Qinghuandao, China. It measures 22 m in length, 7.8 m in width and 4.8 m in height. It can carry over 300 passengers and it can be linked with multiple carriages which increases its capacity to 1200 passengers. It can go up to 60 km/hr.

Many countries are showing interest in the Bus system including India. If the system succeeds then it will change travel everywhere in the world. It has some problems like only cars can go under the bus and not big SUVs and trucks.

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