Suez Canal – First canal to connect two different seas

By Narendra V


Suez Canal was first canal connecting two seas, it connects Mediterranean sea with Red sea. It is located in Egypt. It took 10 years to construct the canal and opened in 1869. It was developed by French diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps.

It has total length of 193 km with a depth of 24 m and width of 205 m.

The canal saved a distance of 7000 km from Europe to Asia.

It was maintained by Suez Canal Authority which allows ships of all nationalities without distinction even if it is Navy ship.

It starts at Port Said in the north and ends at Port Tewfik in the city of Suez in the south.

In 1956 the canal was nationalized by Egyptian Government prior to which it was under French control.

8% of total world sea trade passes through the canal.

Each ship pays around $250,000 on an average for passing through the canal


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