Shanghai Maglev – Worlds fastest operational train

By Narendra V

shanghai maglev

Shanghai Maglev Train is world’s first commercially operational magnetic levitation train. Maglev trains rise few inches above track and move forward without friction, so they can go at very high speeds.

Shanghai Maglev runs between Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Central Pudong area in Shanghai city. It covers a distance of 30.5 km in 7min 20 seconds. It started commercial operation on January 1, 2004. The train’s maximum operational speed is 431 km/hr. It can carry 574 passengers.

The train and the technology used in the system are from Siemens, Germany. In Germany it was called as Transrapid, but it was experimental train there.

World’s fastest record run for trains is in the name of Japan Maglev train which reached a speed of 603 km/hr in experimental stage.

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