Hampi – Capital of 14th century Vijayanagar Empire

By Narendra V


Hampi was capital of Vijayanagar Empire in 14th century. hampiIt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra the ruins of the capital, temples, monuments and the history of the once rich kingdom make it one of the best tourist spots in Karnataka, India. It is situated 350km north of Bangalore in Bellary district. It attracts thousands of domestic as well as international tourists.


HariHara Raya and Bukka Raya started foundation of the city in 14th century by order of their guru Vidyaranya . It was capital of Vijayanagar Empire for next 200 years. The city flourished with the rise of the empire and was centre of art and culture. Period ruled by Krishna Deva Raya was golden and at its peak. It was one of the largest and richest cities of the world at the time having inhabited by around 500000 people. In folklore people say that gems and diamonds were used to sell on streets of Hampi. As the Sultanates of North India invaded, the empire saw a decline so as Hampi.

What to see

There are many sites to see in Hampi, which are scattered around vast area, the best way will be hiring a bicycle or a motorbike. Must see places are Virupaksha Temple, Vittala Temple, Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Royal enclosures, Queens bath, elephant stables, Hazara Rama temple, Achyuta Raya temple, Zanana enclosure, Monolith Bull (Nandi), Hampi Bazaar.

There are boulders and small hills around Hampi which are good for trekking lovers and also we can see panoramic view of Hampi from the hills.

Tungabhadra dam is 16 km away from Hampi. Anegundi is old capital which is on other side of river which also has many sites to see.

Stay and Food

Boulders Resort – tariff from 4500/- to 9000/- for 2 persons ph: 9448034202

Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village – tariff from 3000/- 25000/- ph: 08394-653999

Kishkinda Heritage Resort – tariff from 2100/- to 5700/- ph: 08533-207950

Shanti Guest House – tariff from 900/- to 1750/- ph: 08394-325352

Hotel Malligi – tariff from 2200/- to 5000/- ph: 08394-228101


How to reach

From Bangalore 350km Via Chitradurg and Hospet

Nearest town – Hospet

Nearest Railway Station – Hospet 13km (many trains are there from Bangalore)

Nearest Airport – Hubli 150km

By bus – there are many night service buses from Bangalore to Hospet from there we have to take local bus to Hampi.

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