Francois Hollande – French President

By Narendra V



Francois Hollande is 24th and current President of France since 2012. He was leader of French Socialist Party from 1997-2008. Hollande born in Rouen, France in a middle-class family, his father Georges Gustave Hollande was an ENT Specialist doctor and his mother Nicole Frederique Marguerite Tribert was a social worker.

Early Life

He attended a private Catholic School in Rouen. Then their family moved to Neuilly-sur-Seine a suburb in Paris where he attended Lycee Pasteur School. He graduated in law from Pantheon Assas University. Then he studied at HEC Paris, Institute of Political Sciences and National School of Administration. After graduation he got job as councilor in Court of Audit.

Early Political Career

As a student he volunteered for Francois Mitterrand’s Presidential campaign but it was unsuccessful. Then he joined Socialist Party, he campaigned for Francois Mitterrand for third Presidential election which was successful. After becoming President Mitterrand appointed Hollande as special advisor. Then he went to work for Max Gallo who is Government’s spokesperson.

In 1983 he was elected as councilor in Ussel town. In 1988 he was elected to National Assembly. Again in 1997 he was elected for second time and also became Chairman of Socialist Party. In 2001 he became Mayor of Tulle and held the post until 2008.

Presidential Election

In 2011 he was elected as President of General council of Correze. Then he announced he would contest Presidential election. In the primary election of the party he was trailing behind IMF MD Dominique Strauss Kahn but when Kahn was arrested in New York on sexual assault charges, Hollande came to lead by 39%. In second ballot he won 56% votes thus becoming official candidate for Presidential election from Socialist Party.

In May 2012 Presidential Elections Hollande defeated Nicolas Sarkozy who was incumbent President at that time with 51.7% of votes.

After becoming President he started to implement poll promises.

He increased tax on big corporations and reduced tax on Small and Medium Corporations

He reduced dependency on nuclear energy from 75% to 50% in favour of renewable energy

He announced several reforms in education sector and promised to recruit more teachers

His government announced to build 500000 public homes per year

Reverted retirement age from 62 to 60

Started new Investment bank to encourage starting of new industries


Personal Life

At the time he was a student at National School of Administration he met Segolene Royal, then they lived as domestic partners but didn’t marry and had four children. In 2007 Royal ran for Presidential election against wishes of Hollande and defeated in that election, after that they got separated. After that Hollande has been living with Valerie Treirweiler a journalist.


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