Cheyenne Mountain Complex – Atomic bomb proof military command centre under Mountain

By Narendra V


Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a military installation and nuclear bunker located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. It was constructed under the Cheyenne Mountain by digging and tunneling it. It was built in 1960s during ‘Cold War’ between US and USSR for protecting Command centre from any nuclear strike.  Formerly it was used for United States Space Command and North American Aerospace and Defense Command (NORAD). Now it’s been used as an Air force Station.

The complex was used to monitor airspace of Canada and USA through worldwide systems for missiles, aircraft early warning systems.

It was built to withstand 30 megaton nuclear explosion which equals to 1500 times more powerful than Hiroshima atom bomb.

The complex has main doors which weigh 25 tons, which can be closed and opened electrically. The doors were meant to protect from blast wave.

Built under 2000 feet of mountain, the complex spread over 5 acres with multi storied buildings.

It has medical facility, stores, cafeteria and fitness centre inside.

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