Chelyabinsk Meteor – 20 times more powerful explosion than Hiroshima bomb

By Narendra V


Chelyabinsk meteor was an asteroid that entered atmosphere on 15th February, 2013 near Chelyabinsk in Russia at a speed of more than 60,000 km/hr. It exploded in the air nearly 30 km from the surface. The explosion created bright flash and a shock wave. The explosion energy is equivalent to 500 kilo tons of TNT which is 20-30 times more powerful than Hiroshima bomb.

The bright flash is brighter than sun and can be seen as far as 100 km. the shock wave damaged more than 7,200 buildings in six cities in that area and more than 1200 people were injured due to broken window glass.

The asteroid was estimated to have 20 m in diameter and weighs 12,000 tons. It is the largest meteor in the recent history.

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